Our history

Italian Dealer is the result of the merger between two respected companies in the Italian boating industry: Rimini Service Yacht and Bellini Nautica. This merger has given rise to the new department, whose primary goal is to enhance boat owners’ experience. Both companies bring complementary expertise and resources, enabling Italian Dealer to combine these resources to provide a competitive level of service and support.

One of the main outcomes of this merger is the expansion of the covered territory. With three physical locations in Varazze, Rimini, and Lake Iseo, Italian Dealer is able to serve customers more efficiently and comprehensively. From the picturesque lakes in northern Italy to the charming Mediterranean coasts, no maritime destination is beyond our reach.

The new department dedicated to boats represents a point of reference for everything related to the world of motorboats. Whether you are looking for a new or used boat, need maintenance and repair services, require secure storage facilities, or are planning the transportation of your boat, Italian Dealer provides everything you need. The wide range of services ensures that every aspect of boat ownership is managed smoothly and worry-free.

For over fifty years, Bellini Nautica has stood for excellence, passion, and unmatched professionalism in the boating industry. Founded in 1960, Bellini Nautica is located in Clusane, on the shores of Lake Iseo, boasting a modern facility and a cutting-edge shipyard. Its history, spanning over fifty years, has made it a prestigious company at the forefront of the nautical sector. Its hallmark is the completeness of the wide range of services it can offer. From storage to refitting, including technical assistance provided by an authorized in-house workshop, refueling, painting, and much more: in short, everything your boat might need.

The Made in Italy, high precision, and quality are the features that have made the Clusane shipyard well-known, a characteristic lakeside center in the province of Brescia. Bellini Nautica’s challenge is to combine, on every model available in the shipyard showroom, cutting-edge technology with high craftsmanship: quick response, specialized teams, and efficiency allow them to carry out any refitting and maintenance work.

In addition to dealing with the sale of luxury yachts, both new and used, they also offer our elegant vintage Riva boats for rent for a full day or half a day.

The Scagnelli family has been a prominent presence in the national and international boating scene since 1965, boasting extensive experience in selling both new and used prestigious boats. The company is particularly known for its specialization in CRANCHI boats and offers high-quality refitting, storage, and assistance services throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. The Shipyard, located adjacent to the canal port, is equipped for comprehensive maintenance tasks on yachts and boats of all types and sizes. The facility ensures utmost care and safety in lifting and handling boats. There is a 7,000-square-meter storage area and a 100-ton gantry crane for hauling and launching boats, as well as repairing hulls, sails, and onboard equipment, allowing for a wide range of interventions. We provide a mobile workshop service across Italy and offer transfer services throughout the Mediterranean. Experts in the field have recognized Rimini Marina as one of the most beautiful and cutting-edge tourist ports in the entire Mediterranean. With 622 berths and a water surface exceeding 100,000 square meters, it stands as the Adriatic’s new gem, attracting sailing and boating enthusiasts.

The Italian Dealer team has over 50 years of experience in the boating sector. Comprising specialized operators covering the entire national territory, our team offers comprehensive expertise in the field.

With a deep understanding of the boating world, we can assist you in every phase of the process, from choosing the ideal boat to administrative procedures, to after-sales services. A complete and reliable service that ensures our customers maximum peace of mind and professionalism. Entrust yourselves to our team of experts and discover the world of navigation with transparency and competence.

Massimo Scagnelli
Battista Bellini
Alberto Bassetti
Marco Aquilanti
Maurizio Aquilanti
Alberto Vizianello

Our history


Bellini nautica

Bellini Shipyard was founded by Battista Bellini, who started producing Bellini-branded wooden boats.


Rimini Service Yacht

Piacenza, River Po, the first boats.

Luigi Scagnelli, not yet thirty, starts developing an interest in boating during weekends on the River Po. First with a fast wooden Molinari and then with a small fiberglass motorboat from Cantieri Gobbi in Guardamiglio.

The group of enthusiasts expands, and on the banks of the river, Luigi begins his nautical journey with a small storage facility for his boat and his fellow adventurers’ boats.


Rimini Service Yacht

Cantiere Gobbi: The first successes

When Luigi returned to Guardamiglio from work in Milan, he stopped by his friend Angelo Gobbi’s place to help and learn the tricks of the trade.

Angelo’s proposal didn’t wait long. In 1968, Luigi Scagnelli started his adventure in the shipyard.
Angelo Gobbi’s ingenuity, combined with Luigi’s passion and tenacity, quickly made Cantiere Gobbi one of the most important shipyards in Italy.

Soon, they moved from motorboats to the first cabin cruisers, which were successful among boat owners for their reliability and craftsmanship. Trucks loaded with boats set off for the Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, and Mediterranean seas, and the first international orders arrived. The first multi-award-winning powerboat races also began.


Rimini Service Yacht

Landing in Romagna, the big step

The experience gained with Cantieri Gobbi convinced Luigi Scagnelli to take the big step; Acquaviva Shipyard had been operating in Bellaria Igea Marina for years and was looking for a shipyard manager. They contacted Luigi.

Luigi started spending weekends on the Riviera and then the entire week, until in 1980, he decided to move with his family to Romagna.

After the Acquaviva brothers’ exit, a group of workers and dealers decided to take over the company, and Luigi was appointed as the head of the shipyard.

This marked the beginning of the Acquaviva brand’s great adventure.


Bellini nautica

Founder passes away, and his son Romano Bellini begins his career at the age of 16. Production of Bellini boats stops; the shipyard focuses on storage, sales, and restoration.

Expansion to 4 warehouses, including one with an underground pool for water tests of boats up to 15 meters; acquisition of restoration skills, creation of 5 painting ovens.


Rimini Service Yacht

Miami by Massimo Scagnelli

Due to the crisis in the sector, largely due to increased taxes on boat owners, Massimo Scagnelli, Luigi’s eldest son, after a few years of experience as a boat outfitter at Acquaviva Shipyard, decided to launch his own line of boats on the market. These boats were ideal for families and fishing: comfortable, spacious, and strictly license-free.

Soon, the first open model – Miami 15 – was joined by Miami 16, Miami 17, and Miami 19 models. The lineup also included two small cabin cruisers, Miami 18 Day and 20 Day. The top-of-the-line model, particularly popular among deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, was the Miami 20 Walkaround and 21 Day efb.

The baton passed from Luigi, who had concluded his successful experience with Cantieri Acquaviva, to his son Massimo Scagnelli.


Bellini nautica

Bellini becomes an official Cranchi dealer.


Rimini Service Yacht

The journey continues

Luigi Scagnelli’s exit from the scene and the subsequent fire that destroyed the entire industrial site in Borghi complicated the Acquaviva brand’s ascent in the national and international nautical panorama.

Determination and the desire to start over led to the creation of a new company: Innovazione&Progetti, a state-of-the-art industrial site producing boats and yachts of unmatched quality.
Massimo Scagnelli immediately put his experience to use, quickly becoming an important reference for the Shipyard.
After selling his small company, he became a permanent member of the I&P team.

During the same years, Luigi’s other son, Cristian Scagnelli, an aviator with a strong competitive and organizational spirit, founded the Scagnelli Racing Team. Thanks to the S-33 inflatable boat, in 2010, the team won, among many awards, the World Endurance Championship Class B.

In collaboration with Circolo Nautico Bellaria Igea Marina, Cristian promoted and directed the Italian and World Powerboating Championship stages in the Municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina from 2008 to 2014. These events were embellished by the constant presence of prestigious brands invited by his brother Massimo.


Rimini Service Yacht

Deepening industry knowledge

Massimo deepened his knowledge of the sector at Enterprise Marine Shipyard and later in the After Sales departments of the most important National Dealers, where more than 100 boats from prestigious brands such as AZIMUT, ATLANTIS, AICON, BERTRAM, TERRANOVA, SESSA, GALEON, ABACUS, SOGICA were assisted and delivered.

During the same years, in partnership with historical Dealers I&P Nautica Sud in Castellammare di Stabia and Nautica Bibione, they exclusively imported Galia boats for Italy.


Bellini nautica

Battista Bellini initiates digitization processes.


Rimini Service Yacht

Official Cranchi dealer

In the wake of the crisis that hit the boating market, mandated by major Italian and foreign financial companies, Massimo embarked on a mission to search for and recover yachts stolen from their respective owners. With the invaluable collaboration of MARINA DI RIMINI NAUTICAL SERVICES and MARINA DI RIMINI Shipyard, they established a new Nautical Center.

In 2015, a new challenge began… an agreement was signed, allowing us to become an official CRANCHI dealer for Emilia Romagna. We will leverage all our experience to serve one of the most important shipyards globally and its loyal existing and future clientele.


Bellini nautica

Bellini collaborates with international artists such as Britto, Brainwash, and Xavier Casalta to create unique pieces of Riva Aquarama boats.


Bellini nautica

Acquisition of Lusso Nautica at Marina di Varazze, expanding into the Mediterranean Sea.


Bellini nautica

IPO – Listed on Euronext Growth Milan stock exchange.


Bellini nautica

Merger of Lusso Nautica (part of Bellini Nautica Group) with Rimini Service Yacht, expanding into the Adriatic Sea.

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