Via Maestri d'Ascia 13, 17019 Varazze SV

Our location in Varazze serves as a meeting point, allowing each visitor to experience not only the purchase but also the discovery of our region, its scents, materials, and flavors.

Being situated in one of the most coveted ports in Liguria enables us to connect with our existing customers and collaborate with new ones, providing more direct and efficient support in the post-purchase phases. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of services and assistance offered, with customer satisfaction as our guiding star.




Fixed piers


Floating docks


• 24/7 mooring assistance (winter hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM)
• Weather service
• Webcam
• Parking spaces
• 8 TESLA supercharger stations
• Wi-Fi
• Supermarket
• Grocery delivery to the boat by Supermarket EKOM
• Laundry facilities with dryers
• Bicycles
• Luggage carts
• Luggage transport with electric car
• Restrooms and showers
• Concierge service for hotel and restaurant reservations
• Scooter, car, and luxury car rentals

Additional services

• Technical assistance
• Mechanical assistance
• Ordinary processes
• Refitting
• Maintenance and coupons
• Plant engineering
• Buying / selling
• Moorings

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